•  We offer a unique fee structure for the hunts in the lower Zambezi Valley. The wilderness hunts in the lower Zambezi Valley are purchased by qualified bidders at a National Park System auction in March of each year.  We base our package base price on the previous average auction prices when preparing a quote for you.  We will work together in determining the best camp and time of year for the animals you wish to take.  We will also establish maximum limits for each of the camps or animals you wish to purchase prior the auction.  I will bid at the auction in accordance with your instructions.
  • We will charge you a daily rate of $500.00 per day for professional hunter services and $3000.00 to outfit the camp and pay the service staff, to include trackers, skinners, cooks and other camp staff. You will pay the National Parks Service the price of the hunt obtained at action.  
  • Under this method you are able to buy the hunt and animals at the "whole sale" level at auction, which price varies somewhat each year depending on the economy and other factors.  We do not mark up or charge a fee on top of the auction price.  
  • You can learn more about the National Parks Auction by reviewing the 2010 brochure, attached below.
  • A deposit of $5,000 is reqiured at least thirty (30) days prior to the auction date.  If we are unsuccessful in obtaining your desired hunt arrangements at the auction, your deposit will be returned. Only once the deposit has been received, and the client has signed a safari contract, will we bid at the auction for your desired hunt. 
  • One half of the auction sale price is due within ten (10) days from the auction.  This amount will be paid directly to the National Parks System to secure the camp.
  • The balance of the quoted safari is due and payable no later than sixty (60) days prior to the commencement date of the hunt.
  • In the event a client cancels a hunt which has been purchased at the auction the deposit, initial payment and balance if within sixty (60) days, shall be forfeited and retained by Babwe Safaris as liquidated damages unless Babwe Safaris or the client are able to fill the same safari dates with a newly acquired client.  In such a situation we will do our best to work with you any way possible. Unfortunately, the Zimbabwe National Park System requires full payment by the successful auction bidder prior to the hunt. 
Dawie Van der Wasthuizen,
Jul 7, 2010, 7:31 AM